DeluxeWare Team

We have been creating applications and games for handheld devices since the 2002’s, making us one of the oldest teams in the business!
We’ve done applications, arcade games, puzzle games, strategy games and we’ve been doing casual games since before they were called casual games.

Getting In Touch

If you have a support request – please use our Support Page which will mean that we get the right information to help you out.

Please do contact directly if

  • You need development work to create a game, app, or other technical creation.
  • You’re a freelance musician, sound designer, 2D or 3D artist, who would like us to keep you in mind for future projects
  • You have a sales channel or promotion website and would like to include our apps
  • You have an advertising network and would like to have us advertise for you.
  • You would like to assist us in getting one of our applications or games into your local language (enthusiastic translators are always welcome.)
  • You are a media member or reviewer and want to review any of our applications or know more about them (or us!)
  • You’re another indie software developer and you want to work on a cross-promotion (we love those!)
  • You are a supplier of tea, beer, burgers, or pizzas, and you would like to provide your products to us for ‘testing’.

Sorry! And don't send your email, please.

  • We’re not wanting to buy paid installs of our apps, thanks, nor for paid blog articles.
  • We don’t need : SEO services, Analytics, Marketing Tools, QA services, Web Design, Customer Support services, HR, Admin, Accounting, ASO services, Legal, Investment advice, watercoolers, cleaning services, phones, mobile phones, stationery supplies, websites, server hosting or any other similar services.